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Day 26

Light… The most interesting subject.
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Day 8

Ever tried to see how a chandelier looks from right underneath it? I did. That’s how it looks.:)


Lights of Diwali

masterpiece pendant chakrifire 2

Diwali,the festival of lights, is a feast for photographers. It was no different for me. Patterns of light anywhere and everywhere. Truly, one of the best festivals in India. 🙂 🙂 🙂

1st Image: serial lights with Long exposure + Zooming out.

2nd Image: Pendent with a back drop of lights giving a Bokeh effect.

3rd Image: Chakri (fire work). Long exposure.

4th Image: Havan (fire) with a long exposure.

The fading light


dying fire with sign

And I’m back!!! This time I will be more frequent in updating the blog… 🙂 (I know that’s the 20th time I made a similar promise but this time I’m dead serious 😉 )

And yeah, about the pic: A power cut, a candle and matches. That is all I needed to start clicking. Did a few pics of my sis too but this one is better :p  Hope you like it! 😀


Angle Does Matter

As my experimentation with my new camera continues, here is the result of my experiment with light and angles… 🙂

Hey there!


And then there was light… -2

And then there was light... -2

A natural HDR background…

The glow from the lamp shows the rough walls in a HDR effect 🙂


Lonely Light